Here’s what’s included in the price …

  • Two day promotional visit to your city/town
  • Professional facilitation of every aspect of the 7 Day Makeover
  • Evaluation of the program
  • Final report
  • An Implementation Manual – a step-by-step guide for your organisation
  • Set up and management of Facebook page
  • Set up and management of information and links on 7day.com.au website
  • Set up and management of booking system for events (with email reminders)
  • Design of promotional brochures
  • Sample press releases
  • Manual for all participants in Planning Workshop + other workshop materials
  • Safety vests for participants
  • Accountability system for managing makeover budget
  • Project Management boards for Project Teams
  • Certificates of Appreciation for key contributors to makeover
  • All travel costs
  • All living expenses for two visits (11-12 days in your town or city)


Makeover Budget
(Administered by Creative Communities as part of the makeover)



 TOTAL $27,500

An all-inclusive price
for a system that has taken us
over 25 years to develop

Your 7 Day Makeover will be professionally facilitated by David Engwicht, who is considered to be one of the world’s most innovative thinkers on creating vibrant public spaces

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